Residential Infill Project Implementation Phase Now

The Residential Infill Project which will allow duplexes on every lot, triplexes on every corner lot, and “cottage clusters” on lots 10,000 SF and larger (6 plus cottages), is in the implementation phase.

The City Council Final Residential Infill Project Concept Report, January 2017 includes amendments adopted by Council on December 6, 2016. Read the report for details.

For an analysis of the impacts on neighborhoods including Eastmoreland read A Critique of the Residential Infill Project submitted to Council by the RIPSAC 7, members of the Residential Infill Project Stakeholders Advisory Committee.

Linda Bauer, Appointee – East Portland Action Plan
Sarah Cantine, Architect – Boise NA Land Use
Jim Gorter, Appointee – Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc.
Rod Merrick, Architect – Eastmoreland NA Land Use
Rick Michaelson, Appointee – Neighbors West/Northwest
Michael Molinaro, Architect, Appointee – Southeast Uplift
Barbara Strunk, Appointee – United Neighborhoods for Reform