Irvington Community Association’s Response to KEF Assertions

Keep Eastmoreland Free, an organization opposed to the Eastmoreland historic district, distributed a flyer throughout the neighborhood sometime in late January/early February with statements about what homeowners could and couldn’t do in the Irvington Historic District. The president of the Irvington Community Association responded in a February 18th letter to Eastmoreland residents. The letter specifically addresses each allegation stated in the flyer.

The letter begins:
“It has come to our attention that a flyer has been sent out by the organization “Keep Eastmoreland Free” which purports to state certain facts involving the Irvington National Historic District. The flyer is insidious in that it mixes partially true statements with falsehoods and then mixes those with statements that are very misleading.” – Steve Cole, President of the Irvington Community Association

Click here for the response in its entirety.